Carried out construction work and not been paid?

You may feel ripped off or like a sucker, but you are not alone, you are a Claimant and Outcome Management Pty Ltd can help you.

If you are reading this then it is most likely that you have carried out construction work or supplied construction related goods and services and are owed money. In that case you are a Claimant and it is likely that your outstanding debt can be secured using one of the various building and construction industry security of payment acts in Australia.

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However remember, if you do nothing it is most likely that you will be paid nothing.

There are different security of payments acts in the various states of Australia. When deciding which security of payments act applies you need to consider where the actual construction work was carried out.

In which state is the construction work site located?

New South Wales
Australian Capital Territory
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory